Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trip to KP! -part 1

Udapa called on thursday.. there was an unreasonable hurry in his voice... "dai, u coming to KP tis weekend?", i thought for a while. I had heard from these folks, KP is a fantastic (tough) trek and have been wanting to do it for long. Infact, I had told Udapa to call me any time he plans one... and also told him june is better time.. my significant other would be in Delhi and so I can come alone...

Usually wat makes me immobile over the weekend is the IIMK class. I was pondering.... hesitantly, I said" Yes da... thanks for rememebring to call me. COunt me in". My mind was thinking about making alternate arrangements for the class...
Thrusday : mobile beeps... Flash news:IIMK class on saturday cancelled.

Woof watta relief. I called Sujay and said.. go for it.. we will do it this week. no other week luks possible.

And our "Tea kudikka polam" Leka, calls up and says hes doubtful. I try hard and persuade him. (the reason for his ambivalence about participating in the trip will be discussed in the next blog ;)

So after the cricket practice on firday, i head back home. Sujay confirms the bus booking as 11 pm from majestic. I swiftly prepare for the trek. Honestly, this was the first 'real' trek of my life. I had waited for this for a long long time. It was getting exciting.

After packing my back pack (which i found insufficient, later!), checked the house, left to lekas house. And we both then reached Majestic about 10 ish. Luckily a 'nice' auto driver (oxymoron! huh!) charged 1.5 on meter. and the meter too seem to be accurate enuf! I was happy.

We had some curd rice in an andhra restaurant in Majestic and thats when Sujay called up. We met in front of the tea stall. Until then I had thought it was jus the three of us. There were four guys waiting for us! Of course, Sujay, i could recognise and none other. Sujay dutifully introduced us to his cousin, Pavan, a thin framed lanky guy. Then Pradhan, the body builder, and Ajoy , sujays frens frend!oh watta link. Somehow Ajoy reminded me and leka of Vijay(L~ CIT). After a quick chat we rushed to the bus.

The trip commences!

So here we are, I tell to myself, on the trip to KP. One of my wishes being fulfilled! Glad I was.

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