Sunday, August 23, 2009

a short trip to Chennai - reminisence

amidst the so called busy schelude( read as - inertia due to laziness), i had not been travelling to Chennai, or for that matter anywhere out of Bangalore for a long time now.

This was a sudden trip - quite unplanned - and me and leka left Bangalore by bike - his 'tuned up' yamaha Rx 135. He wanted to do pilot trip to check the readiness of his bike .. as a preperation to the dream trip to Leh!

The trip was quite tiring, unlike our earlier experiences riding bike on the smooth highway. DOnt know really why?

Arriving at chennai gives me a very 'good' feel always! The 'energetic' early morning have been the special feature of chennai... Bnaglore somehow misses that flavour.

The key differntiator of course is the traffic management in Chennai - I am not sure if it was a weekend and so the traffic was less or in general it is well managed. But somehow there are better broader main roads and pretty consistent pace of traffic movement.

The weather is the first 'noticable' disturbing factor for a person whise jus come from Bangalore. Although I flt slight discomfort initially, I think , my liking to the city dictated the 'body and mind' that I think i got adapted to this sooner!

I had a chance to meet few of my college friends after a few years. Someof them married and few still looking out to get married. Typical conversations of the life has been progressing and if sopmeone has bought a new house or car or accumulated some 'assets' (for the married men.. in the form of a visble paunch!)

I would have loved to go to WCB building and meet the chai shop friend, T nagar T shop maybe a movie in Satyam cinemas and a strol no beasnt nagar or Marina beach would have set the nostalgia feel rolling in me more.... Owing to my other personal work I had come here for, I did not have time to go to these places... still I feel good. There is an inherent feel good I get when I visit chennai.

I think I simply have to come to Chennai for a vacation ~ spend some good week or so redoing all things I used to do then!

A strong desire to get back here only getting stronger - I will get back here soon mate!