Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i had though about having a blog for myself.,. for more than few years now.and now that i have managed to have one.. i ponder on things that i wish to write about.

I as a person, have also found it intersting and happiness inducing (at least to me;) when I express myself.
I can only recall my soulmate mentioning once to me that I am an 'entertainer' and love to have the crowd around me.. glued to my acts, pranks, talks and any apprecaition to me is a bonus.
she was not wrong indeed. I am an attention seeker... needlesstosay,huh!
OK.. i would be wrinting things that i wish to opinionate about.,. could be all thats just me... or could be anything else...

on serious notes, i have been tryin to compare and study the two great literary icons of twentieth century - Subramanya Bharathiyar, fondly known as Bharathi and the EVM man - Sujatha!

To do justice to my writing I need to do a lot of studies. Of course, I am now willing to spend my time to acquiant myself with facts and life history of such greats, instead of my sobre-in-the-office-schedule-debuggin!

I give a gestation time of a week - By next wednesday jun 5th, this blog will be filled with information you can not ignore! (oru build up thaan).. Should any of you come across good links to their writings or any thing relevant please do not hesitate to ping me..   

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